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Places of interest in Herborn on the Westerwald and surrounding area

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  Castle Greifenstein Picture of a castle
  • Two churches build one upon the other with "Kasematten"
  • Twintowers where you can go upstairs with sight on the "Greifensteiner Land"
  • German museum of bells
  • Changing exhibitions in the museum of the castle
  • Fee for adults: 3 EUR (State: February 2010)
  • Open from April to October from 10 am to 6 pm
  • Middle aged center of the city with more than 400 half-timbered houses
  • Beautiful market place with Renaissance-town hall
  • Museum of the city in the historical house of the "Hohe Schule"
  • Shoppingcenters:
  • Toom; Penny; Lidl in Burg; Aldi North in the Dillcenter and in Burg, Aldi South in Sinn
  Bird park Herborn - Uckersdorf Papagei
  • More than 70 kinds of birds
  • Big park
  • Fee for adults: 5 EUR, for children: 2 EUR (State: February 2010)
  • Open from April to October from 10 am to 6 pm
  Lake "Heisterberger Weiher" Lake
  • At the B 255 between Breitscheid and Rennerod located bathlake
  • Fee for adults with car: 5 DM (State: June 1998)
  • Row-boat 1/2 hour borrow: 5 DM (State: June 1998)
  • Pedalo 1/2 hour borrow: 6 DM (State: June 1998)
  • Electroboat 1/2 hour borrow: 12 DM (State: June 1998)
  • Wilhelmstower on the "Schloßberg"
  • Origin of the kings of the Netherlands, the "Oranier"
  • Biggest middle aged "Kasematten" (ways of defense) of Germany at the "Schloßberg"
  • Fee for Wilielmstower and museum of economy: 2 DM (State: August 1998)
  • Feefor "Kasematten" for adults: 3 EUR, for children: 1,50 EUR (State: February 2010)
  • Open from tuesday to sunday from 9 am to 12 am and 2 pm to 5 pm (State: August 1998)
  • Hessisches "Landgestüt" with museum of coaches in the "Orangerie"
  • Gloria-Center with 4 cinemas
  Zoo Dillenburg-Donsbach Schwarzwild
  • Red deer, roe deer, wild boars and moufflons
  • Mountain goats, sika- and stonewild animals
  • Strokezoo
  • Food for the animals: 1 DM (State: August 1998)
  • Fee for one day for adults: 2,50 DM (State: August 1998)
  • Fee for one year for adults: 10 DM (State: August 1998)
  • Fee for one day for pupils: 1,50 DM (State: August 1998)
  • Fee for one year for pupils: 5 DM (State: August 1998)
  Mine Fortuna in Solms-Oberbiel
  • Former iron mine (closed in 1983)
  • Tour with cage and train
  • Show of iron mining in 150 m deepness for 45 minutes
  • Fee for adults: 5 EUR (State: May 2002)
  • Open from march to november from 9 am to 4 pm
  • Last guided tour: 3 pm
  • There are guided tours 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 hours in length. But there has to be a minimum of 10 interested persons to let it happen.
  • Closed on mondays
  • Photos of the mine
  Castle Braunfels
  • Dom and Lahnbridge made of stone from the 13. century
  • Middle aged market places, restored half-timered houses and beautiful Barockhouses
  • 5 museums in the old village
  • Disco "Super Mäx" at the Lahnhof, near the B49 in direction to Gießen
  • Cycle-path way from Heuchelheim (Stations: Atzbach, Wetzlar and Leun) to Weilburg beside the river Lahn (40 kilometers)
  • Shoppingcenters:

  • - Wertkauf (Hörnsheimer Eck, near the hospital)
    - Herkules-Center (Pro-Markt, C&A, Aldi, Bahnhofstrasse)
    - Fashion-Shoppingcenters (e.g. H+M) in the pedestrian precinct
Map of the region Greifenstein - Herborn - Wetzlar


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Herborn-Seelbach, February 15, 2010