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Von debbee@linkny.com:
Thanks for the great memories of Herbornseelbach, I was there July 1976 - June 1978! I sure do miss that wonderful place!
Debbie Watson    April 2003

Von KirbyD@mail.vetmed.ufl.edu:
I lived in Herborn-Seelbach between the ages of 8 and 13. I was just curious as to what became of the American military base and housing. The school. Cafe Gobel (my mother would send me there everyday for bread and pastries). The Seelbacher Hof. I loved the time I spent there and in Pirmasens (where I lived until I was 22). I live in Florida now. Thank you for your time.
Drew Kirby    February 2003

Von chaucer292@aol.com:
My name is Jack Tierney and I spent some time in herborn seelbach when I was in the army, between 1970-72. I met a girl there who I liked very much. I believe her name was Ute Renate, She would be about 46 or 47 now. Is there any way to find out if she is still in herborn-seelbach? Would there be any way to possbily track her down, By the way, I saw the gausthause I used to frequent in one of the pictures. The yagerschnitzel, pomfrets and beer were excellent. You have a nice site.
Jack Tierney    February 2003

Von jrstubbings61@msn.com:
Hello my name is John Stubbings. I live in Olney Maryland U.S.A . As a young man I was stationed at the Aartal Kaserne. I was there from the year 1979 to the year 1981. I think Herborn Seelbach is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. I also think the german people that live in Herborn seelbach are the most friendliest and kindest people Ive ever met. Sometimes I think of Herborn Seelbach with the fondest memories I have in my life. I am Happy to see that the U.S. Army is no longer at Aartal Kaserne. I think Germany will have a better future without American , or any other foreign soldiers. Some day I hope to come visit again. I am wondering if Deckers is still a Gasthoff ? is the Seelbacherhof still in business . Do they still drink Barenbrau.Do they still have the Kermish. I miss these things so much.Please E-mail me and let me Know how things are . Thanks in advance .
John Stubbings    August 2002

Von the.thoresons@cox.net:
Ich moechte mich fuer die schoenen Bilder von Herborn bedanken. Bin gebuertige Herbornerin und lebe seit 3 1/2 Jahren jetzt in Amerika. Es war schoen mal wieder "meine Stadt" zu sehen. Besonders das Bild von der Buchhandlung Baumann. Habe dort meine Lehre gemacht.
Nochmals vielen Dank!!
Liebe Gruesse,
Mona Mann-Thoreson    Juli 2002

Von JGARREN@entergy.com:
I just wanted to say Thanks for the Photos of Herborn-Seelbach, I was there in the early 1970's and we enjoyed it very much. My oldest daughter was born in Herborn. We also lived in Obersheld for a while.
Jeff    April 2002

Von DAGLSA@aol.com:
I've really enjoyed your site with the pictures of Herborn-Seelbach. I lived there from summer 1976 to summer 1978 as a US military dependent. I spent many happy hours hiking and biking through the forests around the town. When my aunt came to visit, she sent me many times over to Cafe Goebel for "fier und swansig broetchen" (forgive my spelling). The housing area was very near the cafe, and I went to the American Elementary School, which occupied one end of the German school. Herborn-Seelbach is definitely the prettiest place I have lived; thanks again for the pictures - quite different scenery than here in Central Texas!
David G Sanborn

Von pk@30below.co:
Hello, Not sure what to say, it has been too many years since I have been to Herborn-Seelbach. Some of my fondest memories are from there. I knew a few people there but I am not sure if they are still in Herborn. Would it be possible for you to maybe look them up and see? Just in case their names are Gunther Toss, Mona Mann, Sabine and Elke, although I cannot remember their last names. But I used to frequent Josefs for his calzone and lasagne!! Man was that awesome. Anyway I sincerely hope that I hear from you.
A little about myself, I was in Herborn Seelbach in 1984 and 1985. American Army, my name is Jeff Park and I had a close friend named Michael Renner. My first Sargeant at the time was Gunther Goebel and he had a daughter which I tried to reach after his death. If you know any of these people would you please give them my e-mail addtess and ask them to write me.
Also "DANKESCHOEN" for the wonderful photographs. Had it not been for you I might not have ever seen those streets again!!!
Thank You so much,
Jeff Park

Von gdavisson1@msn.com:
How nice to see photos of Herborn Seelbach. I was stationed there as part of the US Army from 0191-1291 and really enjoyed the opportunity to see this part of Germany. Thanks for your efforts in bringing these photos across the world. (I currently reside in Houston, Texas, USA).
I hope to return some day and visit the Hotel Thielmann located on the way to Marburg. The Thielmann's were always very gracious.
Best of luck.

Von rdcurg@acenet.net.au:
Dear Norbert
We live in Brisbane, Australia and we met a backpacker from Herborn whom we are trying to contact. His name is Chris and he lives with his family on the outskirts of Herborn. He is 27 years old and a student. He rides his bike from his house into the village so it might be some distance out. He was in Queensland October/November 1998 and recently traveled in England with his father and sent us a postcard.
We do not know his surname or address to reply to him. Seeing as Herborn is a small village we wondered if you could help us with any information?
My name is Bev Van Slobbe. Our family had him to visit us for meals. We met in the camping ground at Girraween National Park in Queensland and promised to keep in touch. He has sent us several postcards but omits to put his surname and address.
PS How is Bento?
We liked your homepage!
Regards Bev

Von rdcurg@acenet.net.au:
This is Bev Van Slobbe from Australia contacting you again. I contacted you back in September as I am trying to find a young man who was travelling in Queensland. He has sent me post cards from his latest travels asking me to write to him but neglecting to give an address. He is about 28 years old and lives in your town of Herborn. I have enclosed a photo of Chris with us so perhaps that will help to identify him.
Chris is on the left - me, Bev, in the middle and my husband Paul on the right. Chris, Bev and Paul

Von rstockwell@fiestanet.com:
i was surfing the net and i discovered your website...in 1968-1969 i lived in herborn seelbach actually i lived in kleine offenbach and was with the american army at the kaserne...i have many wonderful memories of my time in the westerwald, although like a lot of young men the memories were tinged with a lot of beer....some of which i consumed at a a gasthaus that i believe is in the corner of one of your pictures...its ironic that you work in the chemical field as i have a daughter who is graduating from princeton university next year with a degree (we hope) in chemical engineering ...her thesis is hot atoms in the internal combustion engine...i assume that you will know what that means , as i looked over your cv
other memories include many wonderful meals at the gasthaus fisher in herborn which i assume may no longer be there....as well as many happy times during the fasching festivals....i have lost my address book from that time so that the many friends have faded into the back of my memor...except a schoolteacher in offenbach named ingrid varney who i assume is married and now with grandchildren....thanks for rekindling so many nice memories for me ...your website is outstanding...vielen dank
bob stockwell
phoenix arizona usa


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